Thursday, 3 July 2014

Beraya dengan Zalora, nak?

Assalammualaikum dan Salam Ramadhan korang!

Tajuk takboleh nak gempak lagi ke? hehe So, siapa beraya dengan baju-baju di Zalora tahun ni?

For those who are not aware with all the exquisite pieces from Zalora which came from Malaysian's favorite designer such Rizalman (wow!), Syomir Izwa (wuu!), Melinda Looi (Waa!), Zalia (What?), and last but not least, Jovian Mandagie (Seriously??!).

let's roll it!

Let me pick my only favorite for each designer, shall I?

Melinda Looi 

Yes, it is Diana Danielle x Emel by Melinda Looi. I always loooove Baju Kurung with pocket. Come on, admit it! You love it too, right? Easy to keep your phone and in my case, to keep my baby's pacifier. haha

Price : RM 380.00
After use ZBAPRnU : RM 323.00


Say hello to Nursiah. Not the model but the pieces called Nursiah. I believe the nostalgic kind of name, makes the Baju Kurung look exquisite. Love it to the max!

Price : RM 380.00
After use ZBAPRnU : RM 323.00

Syomir Izwa

It's just because the pocket! haha This is Jacqueline. okay, I have to pick another design to make you guys choose, without the pocket?

Price : RM 460.00
After use ZBAPRnU : RM 391.00


How about Juanita? oh, so sweet!

Price : RM 480.00
After use ZBAPRnU : RM 408.00

 and my favorite designer,
Jovian Mandagie

wore Penelope by Jovian once during my APC.

This time Jovian back with two theme for you! Its Coco and Chantilly. Not sure why its Coco (is it because Coco Chanel?), but Chantilly is the lace's name.

Meet Coco Gabriel

 Stunning, Stunning, Stunning!

Price : RM 500.00

After use ZBAPRnU : RM 425.00

and.... Chantelle!

 Oh mai Givenchy! Preety!

Price : RM 420.00
After use ZBAPRnU : RM 357.00

It is really hard to pick only one, okay? so I pick two from Jovian.

Hey, did i heard that the pieces is wayyy overprice for your budget? How about i give another affordable option? just like me lahhh, i choose only end-of-season pieces yet still makes people look at you twice (without a blink). haha

 Coco Gable

 Price : RM 420.00
After use ZBAPRnU : RM 357.00

If you fall for this Coco Gable from Jovian, 
why dont you try this Contrast Panel by Gene Martino?

Price : RM 159.00
After use ZBAPRnU : RM 135.15

Craving for Tudy by Syomir Izwa?

 Price : RM 460.00
After use ZBAPRnU : RM 391.00

pick Paloma Ain Kurung from Luxe by Ethnic Chic!

 Price : RM 175.00
After use ZBAPRnU : RM 148.75

and trust me! there's lot of pieces that will blow you!
just look at them, below!

 Juwana by Vercato

 Price : RM 198.00

After use ZBAPRnU : RM 168.30

 Juny by First Lady

 Price : RM 89.00

After use ZBAPRnU : RM 75.65

Madge by First Lady

 Price : RM 99.00
After use ZBAPRnU : RM 84.15

Baju Kurung Color Block by Syaiful Baharim

 Price : RM 199.00
After use ZBAPRnU : RM 169.15

If you notice, this pieces was worn by Lisa Surihani during Ceria Popstar show!

and this is my pick!

 Baju Kurung Color Block by Syaiful Baharim

Price : RM 130.00
After use ZBAPRnU : RM 110.50

what are you waiting for? go to now!

psst : I secretly grab one piece Chantilly by Jovian. hehe


Khumaera Ismail aka Mariam Ismail said...

memg cantik especially design jovian tu.memang trkenan dihati.tapi apa la nasib mahal do'oh.hihi..

Aishah Amin said...

Givenchy tu my PICK!!

Jemputlah ke blog saya Blog Ibu bekerja dari rumah , semoga bersama dapat manfaat! Terima kasih..